Previously I wrote about my Dinoplex system and how I got it working. I mentioned that I wanted to convert to a more modern system hidden inside the original casing. There are many systems available and the place to go to see which ones they are, the pros and cons and choose which one is right for you is the very informative web site run by ignition expert Adrian Le Hanne.

I opted for the Bosch system which fits neatly into an old empty AEC101 case so is nearly identical to the original look - the give away is the special Bosch coil that you need to use together with the electronics. This can be masked to look like an original coil with a Magneti Marelli sticker although the give away is the fact that there are only two terminals whereas the original coil has three.

I started by opening and emptying the old Dinoplex system and making up an aluminium plate to fit inside the unit which is used to fix the individual Bosch components to. This done it was just a case of wiring everything up following the diagram Adrian supplied and fixing the components onto the plate. Everything was then plugged into the main unit and that was pretty much it. The top went back on and the unit installed in the car.

I went for a test drive and immediately felt a difference - a smoother acceleration curve that just goes on and on. Thanks Adrian for all your help!

A second series Dinoplex AEC 101 that does not work:

Dinoplex AEC 101 not working

What the unit looks like inside, these components will be replaced:

Inside a Dinoplex AEC 101

The aluminium base plate to hold the new components:

Aluminium plate

The various components needed for the conversion along with the wiring diagram:

Bosch electrical components

The components wired up and ready for plugging into the control unit:

Wiring done

The Components plugged in and fixed to the base plate:

All components installed

The completed conversion look no different to an original unit:

Complete Dinoplex AEC 101 Bosch conversion

The converted unit with Bosch coil installed in the car and ready to go!

Dinoplex AEC 101 Bosch conversion installed in car