I met Dirk Bellinghausen last year at the Padova classic car show after corresponding with him for a while. We have been in touch since and Dirk was very helpful in putting together the German side of the Worldwide Dino Register. He was picking up his long time owned and very original 2400 Spider from his trusted mechanic after an engine rebuild and happend to be passing on his way home to Germany, so he popped in for a cup of tea and a chat! As you can see from the photos, he was also taking home a "few" Italian supplies - carefully covered to not catch the attention of the Swiss border guards. Thanks Dirk for an enjoyable morning.

Dirk with his lovely Spider 2400 in its original French Blue colour:

Dirk and his Spider 2400 blu francia

Spider and Coupé:

Spider and Coupé

Riding low, what's in the boot?

Low ride height

Italian oil for putting on salad, not for putting in the engine!!

Italian goodies