Fuel Filter

This page describes the various fuel filters and configurations that were used over the different Fiat Dino models.

The very first cars didn't officially have a fuel filter as standard at all. For the Spiders it was up to and including number 000500 and the Coupès up to and including number 000575 (the number is the vehicles spares number rather than the chassis number).

Pictures of the engine compartment of an early 2 litre Spider and Coupé and the early spares catalogue page:

2 litre spider no fuel filter 2 litre coupe no fuel filter 2 litre spares catalogue

Some early cars did however have fuel filters fitted to them, as can be seen in this period shot from November 1967 where the fuel filter was positioned on the fire wall instead of the later "official" position of the inner wing near the clutch fluid reservoir:

Early 2 litre car with fuel filter on fire wall

Vehicles produced after the aforementioned numbers had a fuel filter fitted to the inner wing with the feed from the fuel pump arriving at the bottom on the side towards the front of the car and exiting at the top towards the windscreen side. This pipe then went along the firewall behind the clutch and brake fluid reservoirs and on to the carburettors. Underneath the filter was fitted a drip tray to carry away any dripping or split fuel through a tube to the ground.

Pictures of the later 2 litre filter arrangement and the spares catalogue page showing the filter and drip tray setup:

2 litre with fuel filter 2 litre spares catalogue

2.4 litre cars carried on this same arrangement although due to the fact that there was no longer a clutch fluid reservoir (a clutch cable system being employed on the 2.4 litre), the filter was altered slightly with a neater straight exit pipe.

Pictures of the 2.4 litre fuel filter arrangement:
2.4 litre with fuel filter 2.4 litre spares catalogue