Other Dinos and Dino related cars.

In 1972, Ernesto Brambilla mounted the 4 valve Lancia Stratos engine in the F2 March, but without success. The Dinoplex ignition system is clearly visible:

March F2 with the V6 DINO Ferrari engine

Constructed by Dallara for Italian racing team Autocostruzioni GIPSY to race in the 1971 1000km at Monza, this car has a 2 litre Dino engine using a Lucas racing injection system producing 220 - 230 HP. The gearbox is a Hewland FT 200. The car took part in practise at Monza, but crashed in bad weather into an Alfa Tipo 33 and took no further part in the event. It was repaired and had a few other circuit outings after which it regularly took part in hillclimb events:

Gipsy Dino 271

Gipsy Dino 271 engine:

Gipsy Dino 271 engine