The tyres arrived a week or so ago, after phoning around locally and looking at prices I bought them from Pneus Online who matched a lower price that I had found elsewhere on the internet. It proved to be a very easy way to buy them and they turned up 5 working days after the order was put in.

Four Fulda tyres

As I said in the previous "tyres" post, the old Goodyears that were on the car when I bought it were 13 years old and the tyre guy had a job getting them off the rims as they were stuck on as well as the inner tubes being stuck to the tyres! One of the inner tubes and tyres actually exploded as it was being taken off!

Burst Goodyear

I got a full set of 5 new inner tubes to replace the old dangerous ones:

New inner tubes

Here is the original 41 year old Michelin inner tube that was in the XAS tyre - it was in better condition than the 13 year old ones and had been repaired a couple of times:

Original Michelin inner tube

The look of the car has certainly changed (for the better!) - the tyres now filling the arches correctly. I only had time for a brief spin round the block, but it feels much better to drive now - much more solid! Here are a couple of pictures comparing the old to the new:

Front tyres

Rear tyres