Padova Classic Car Fair is the biggest in Italy and attracts vast crowds of enthusiasts from all over Europe if not the world during this three day event. There are always a huge number of cars present both for show and for sale and two vast halls full of spare parts, models, manuals, etc. Dinos are not usually the easiest things to come by but again this year we were not disappointed. Prices at this show are usually over the odds as can be seen below.

Red 246 GTS for sale for 169,500 euros: 246 gts

Lovely Spider 2000 for sale at 52,000 euros: spider 2000 blue

2400 Coupé for sale at 22,000 euros: coupe 2400 silver

Brown 2400 Coupé for sale at 20,000: coupe 2400 brown

Lancia Stratos for sale for a cool 500,000 euros: stratos

Yellow 246 GT: 246 gt yellow

308 gt4: 308 gt4

208 gt4: 208 gt4

Red 246 GT: 246 gt red

Twin Sparks Dino engine: twin spark

Red 2000 Coupe for sale at 20,000 euros: coupe 2000

Red 2000 Spider: spider 2000 red

2400 Coupé for sale at 17,900 euros: coupe 2400 silver