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5/7/2018   For Sale: A lovely Fiat Dino 2400 Coup�. See the Showroom section.
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27/9/2014  Congratulations to John and Judy Gove for winning 3rd place in the International Maserati Centennial Concours!
26/9/2014  See a great Fiat Dino Deveopment and Testing film from 1968 on the Films page.
28/1/2014  Some new entries have been added to the Films page.
6/1/2014  The next installment of the Spider 2400 Restoration blog is now available expaining in detail the repairs to the chassis.
29/9/2013  Have a look at the photos of the 4th Club Dino Italia International meeting in the Lake Como area in northern Italy.
20/8/2013  We have started on the restoration of a Fiat Dino 2400 Spider - follow progress here: Spider 2400 Restoration .
26/2/2013  A new Film has been added: Aida Rubio - Agora. Music Video (2012).
3/1/2013  The following models have been added: 1958 196S, 1958 296S, 1960 246S. Lots of new Films have been added.
22/11/2012  New Films have been added: Mark il Poliziotto (1975), Kojak episode (1977), Italian Vodafone TV ad (2012).
27/10/2012   Here are a couple more Diario entries: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari and Padova 2012.
18/9/2012  A new Film has been added: Emanuelle e Fran�oise le sorelline (1975).
13/7/2012   Special for Friday the 13th... A mammoth report has been prepared after much work which details the replacement of the front-end during the comprehensive restoration of Fiat Dino Spider #726. See Front End Replacement.
26/6/2012   Another Diario entry: Broken boot cable.
22/6/2012   Here are a couple of new Diario entries: Engine In and Abarths on track.
8/5/2012   After much work on the car and much work preparing the report and captions... here is the next installment of the Blog detailing the comprehensive restoration of Fiat Dino Spider #726. See Shell Restoration Commences. A-Post Area.
2/4/2012   See a report on the 2012 edition of Techno Classics, Essen, Germany.
31/3/2012   Dino Coup� engine rebuild.
21/2/2012   Here is the next installment of the Blog detailing the comprehensive restoration of Fiat Dino Spider #726. See Old Work Uncovered.
9/2/2012   Dino Coup� engine woes.
17/1/2012   A Dino filled trip to Baveno, Lago Maggiore!
20/12/2011   NEW!! Blog detailing the comprehensive restoration of Fiat Dino Spider #726 carried out by ourselves here as TwentyFourHundred. See Spider Restoration.
19/12/2011   A new book detailing the Dino 206GT, 246GT and 246GTS will be available mid-January 2012. "This book categorizes the road vehicles Ferrari Dino 206 GT / 246 GT / 246 GTS and documents the differences between each series, highlights their original features, and points out their unique Pininfarina design". See: Dino Book.
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4/5/2011   TwentyFourHundred has been featured in a Classic and Sports Car article in the May 2011 edition.
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22/3/2011   See a trip to the recently opened Italian National Motor Museum.
19/3/2011   See the next part of Lincoln's Dinoplex adventure here: Dinoplex working.
Pictures of the Fiat Dino colour "silver birch" (603) have been corrected. The colour is very light grey - the car almost looks white. See Fiat Dino Colours.
6/2/2011   More pictures of the Fiat Dino Spider 2400 silver (605) and black/blue combination have been added to the Fiat Dino Colours page. Thanks to Patrick of Belgium!
4/2/2011   The Fiat Dino Colours page has been updated with some new colours that were originally available.
2/1/2011   Happy New Year! Here is a short video of Lincoln's coup� going up the hill at Bardi (Italia) - Bardi Video 2010.
Bella Macchina 2010 Bella Macchina 2010 Bella Macchina 2010 Bella Macchina 2010
The Dino Register Deutschland is very active and during the year organise different interesting events that are always well attended. They also find time to write a kind of newsletter (but much more) of about 50 pages two times a year. The pages are packed with interesting articles both of histroic and more recent interest. Well done to all involved! You only need to understand German to appreciate it to the full!
28/10/2010   See pictures of the Padova Classic Car Fair 2010.
12/10/2010   See a write-up and some pictures of a recent trip to the "Milan Classic Cars" autojumble.
30/9/2010   See Aussies in Europe.
Moretti Fiat 124 Coup� 4 seater Moretti Fiat 124 Coup� 2+2 Moretti Fiat 124 Coup� 5 seater Moretti Fiat 850 Coup� 2 seater
These pictures show how similar the front-end of the various Moretti models are to the Fiat Dino Spider. They are (in order): Moretti Fiat 124 Coup� 4 seater, Moretti Fiat 124 Coup� 2+2, Moretti Fiat 124 Coup� 5 seater, Moretti Fiat 850 Coup� 2 seater.
See also the Engine page which has some new pictures of engines and a list of all the different V 65� engines.
Fiat Dino Coup� 'Daytona' Fiat Dino Coup� 'Daytona' Fiat Dino Coup� 'Daytona' Fiat Dino Coup� 'Daytona'
This "one-off" Fiat Dino Coup� "Daytona" was discovered in a barn by Walter after 30 years of collecting dust. The front lights come from a Rover 3500 Vanden Plas while the rear from a contemporary Ferrari. The bodywork was hand modified making for an interesting shape at both ends.
14/9/2010   Read a write-up of the first Club Dino Italia metting which took place at Lake Iseo in northern Italy on the 12th September 2010.
Pininfarina 330 GTC (1967) Pininfarina 330 GTC (1967)
Pininfarina 330 GTC (1967) Displayed at the Brussels Motor Show of the same year and produced as a one-off. The rear part is very similar to the Dino.
26/8/2010   See a new picture of the 206GT during aerodynamic tests in 1966. See a new picture of Lualdi's 206SP winning the first edition of the Trofeo Citt� di Orvieto 1966.
24/8/2010  New films have been added.
Dino Ceramic Mug
While on holiday in the Alps I came across this little ceramic mug - quite appropriate for that shot of something warming in the cold evenings! (click on the image to enlarge it).
13/8/2010  Welcome to Jonathan from Yorkshire with his recently restored Fiat Dino Coup� 2000. See Your Cars.
12/8/2010  The films has been updated and reorganised. The Fiat Dino Pininfarina Coup� page has been split into Pininfarina Speciale and Pininfarina Berlinetta with some new pictures added.
3/8/2010  See a write up of my Dinoplex woes.
22/7/2010  See the new sections on Spider hub removal with special tool (which is needed to replace the disks or wheel bearings of a 2 litre Spider with spinners) and recently in the workshop which shows pictures of some of the recent work we have done.
Dino 2L Dino 2L Dino 2L Dino 2L
French Dino For Sale - 9,000 euros. Contact Michel Loulergue: (33)05 55 66 20 88 or Michel says:
"For several years, I used this wonderful car as my only vehicle (I was a film producer, now retired), then I had several Rovers Vandenplas 3500 HDI, which were more roomy and comfortable for family use. I used the Dino as my second car during those years, until someone tried to steal it and broke the direction stand in the process. I then decided to store the Dino in a perfectly watertight barn, where the car was well covered and I would run the engine from time to time. This is how it was stored for the last 10 years. I just changed the direction stand and rebuilt as new the water pump. The car runs beautifully. The bodywork is impeccable, with the exception of two small points of corrosion at the bottom of the front wings. The car can be seen in the center of France near Aubusson 23200 (a very beautiful region with many old villages and castles)."
13/7/2010  See a write up and photos of the 3rd edition of the "Phantom" Bardi 2010 hillclimb. Two films containing Lancia Stratoses have been added.
15/6/2010  See a write up and photos of the SilverFlag 2010 hillclimb.
3/6/2010  Look here: Diario Italiano to see a very nice 2.4 Fiat Dino Spider I saw whilst on a weekend break in Liguria.
18/5/2010  See "Brambilla" the wood venier specialist here: Diario Italiano.
11/5/2010  Many more Dino Models have been added.
4/5/2010  See some pictures and a video of the "Auto Italia" day here: Brooklands 2010.
29/4/2010  A trip to the "Concorso D'Eleganza" at Villa D'Este: Diario Italiano section.
14/4/2010  See a trip to an interesting bodywork shop (Sonnino) in the Diario Italiano section.
Dino Toothbrush
Something for the younger Dino enthusiast! (click on the image to enlarge it).
1968 Fiat Dino Ginevra and 1969 Abarth Coupe Giugiaro 1600
Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the Fiat Dino Ginevra of 1968 and the Abarth Coupe Giugiaro 1600 of 1969? (click on the image to enlarge it).
30/3/2010  New plug leads in the Diario Italiano section.
9/3/2010  See some pictures of recent work including a Ferrari 400 in the TwentyFourHundred workshop page.
4/3/2010  Welcome to David and Helen Brenchley. Their award winning Fiat Dino 2.0 Spider can be seen here: Your Cars. A page about the Timing Chain Tensioners has been added. The Fiat Dino Colours page has been updated and a new Ferrari Dino Colours has been added. Technical specifications for the Ferrari Dino 206GT, Ferrari Dino 246GT and Ferrari Dino 246GTS have been added.
16/2/2010  The 156 F2 and 156 F1 models have been added to the Dino Models section. I've completed another couple of jobs on my 2000 Coup�: Diario Italiano. The Literature section has been expanded and reorganised in date order.
4/2/2010  The 166P and 166 F2 models have been added to the Dino Models section. Catch up with some maintenance on my 2000 Coup�: Diario Italiano.
28/1/2010  There is a new section called Dino Models which includes many interesting pictures. The Events section has been updated with the 2010 event dates.
12/1/2010  Give yourself some energy... Diario Italiano.
10/1/2010  Welcome to the web-site Brian Boxall whose comprehensive and interesting Dino ownership write-up can be seen here: Your Cars.
3/1/2010  Happy New Year! Thanks to Tobias Punzmann for informing us of the French/German tv series which features a silver 2400 Coupe. See the Films section for a picture and clip of the series. You can also find the Italian film "Cuore matto... matto da legare" (1967) in the same section.
6/12/2009  Electric window switches and keys made: Diario Italiano.
24/11/2009  See the various fuel filter configurations used across the various versions. See Technical.
21/11/2009  A warm welcome Darran Crawford to the Your Cars page!
19/11/2009  Another day, another autojumble. This time at Novegro, Milano: Diario Italiano.
12/11/2009  Look at the great new pictures of the TwentyFourHundred workshop. Some new books have been added to the Literature page.
27/10/2009  See a report on the biggest Italian Classic car event of the year: Diario Italiano. Pictures and a description of the 1971 GIPSY Dino can be found here in the Models section.
18/10/2009  A classic car tour in Diario Italiano.
13/10/2009  A new entry in Diario Italiano reporting on a trip to Piacenza to visit a fellow Dino owner.
8/10/2009  Welcome Lorenzo Ferrari to the Your Cars page!
See Diario Italiano for a look at a trip to the "Milano Classic Motors" autojumble.
6/10/2009  You can see a new clip of a red 2000 Dino Spider in 1967 film titled "I Tigri Giovani" (The Young Tigers) in the Films section. Thanks to Sigi Rachbaue for sending this clip in!
1/10/2009  The new Fulda 205/70 R14 VR Tyres are on! See Diario Italiano.
Link to Andrew Morris's hatrick of Coup�s in Links.
29/9/2009  Gearbox mount and bushes in Diario Italiano.
15/9/2009  A new Events section has been added with pictures and info about the Italian Car Day at Gaydon.
Craig Goodfellow's RHD Silver Coup� has been added to Your Cars.
Rear Lights fixed and a few other small jobs done. See Diario Italiano.
Fructis TV advert added to the Films section.
5/9/2009  Some more interesting Dino Links added as well as some of Your Cars.
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