The gearbox mount was in a bad way, the original rubber having long perished and with a lump of rubber that someone had wedged in there to aid support. On top of that it was very oily underneath the car in general.

Old gearbox mount.

I started by cleaning the oil and grime off the sump, gearbox, etc and then removing the crossmember and mount after supporting the gearbox from underneath.

Old and new gearbox mounts.

After cleaning everthing up it was ready for assembly.

Gearbox mount and crossmember ready for assembly.

To get the mount to fit into the crossmember, it is necessary to squeeze it using a vice or similar - first one end and then the other. I had a bit of a job getting the holes to line up exactly, but got there in the end. The mount is not symetrical so care must be taken to fit it the right way round.

Squeezing mount into crossmember.

It was now a simple case of finishing the assembly and putting the whole thing back.

Gearbox mount back in place.

Another little job was to replace the front/rear brake regulator torsion bar linkage bushes (I say replace, but there wasn't anything left of them!).

Torsion bar linkage.

New bushes:

Torsion bar linkage bushes

It was very easy to remove the linkage, clean it all up and replace with new bushes. At least I won't have that rattling noise any more.

Air filter detail