Some of the visible differences between the Fiat Dino 2000cc and 2400cc models (Spider e Coupé).

Dino Spider header
2000 Description 2400
2000 Spider Grille Front Grille. 2400 Spider Grille
Fiat Dino Bumper Bumper Fiat Dino Bumper
Front Wing Front Wing badges. Front Wing
Pininfarina Badge Pininfarina Badge moved to behind the door on the 2400 Pininfarina Badge
Rear Script Rear Script. Rear Script
2000 Spider Dash Dash 2400 Spider Dash

Dino Coupe header
2000 Description 2400
2000 Coupe Grille Front Grille 2400 Coupe Grille
2000 Front Fiat badge Front Fiat badge 2400 Front Fiat badge
2000 Rear Script Rear Script 2400 Rear Script
2000 Front wing Front wing 2400 Front wing
2000 Rear air vent Rear air vent 2400 Rear air vent
2000 Lower trim Lower trim 2400 Lower trim
2000 Dash Dash 2400 Dash