In a previous Dinoplex woes post I explained how I had the wrong coil and thus wiring setup on my car. I recently came across a couple of supposedly working Dinoplex and coil systems so decided to wire them in to see if they were really OK.

I started by referencing an original Dinoplex wiring diagram that I have and by opening the Dinoplex switch up and tracing the wires with a continuity tester I was able to understand where each of the wires should go. Before starting work I disconnected the battery (very important so as not to damage anything) and then I substituted the old unit for the new one. I tried it first on the "Emergency" setting to test the points side of things, then after turning off the engine I switched over to "Normale" and turned the ignition key. She fired up straight away! Down went the bonnet and off I went for a test drive and I can say that the car has never run so well. It was OK before, but now you can just feel it is smoother and more responsive.

I tried the other unit out as well with (thankfully) the same positive results. So now I have 2 complete working units. As such I shall be selling one of them so get in touch if this is of interest to you.

As I explained before as well, I want to convert to a more modern system hidden inside the original casing to preserve some sort of originality. I now have all the pieces to do this and when I find time I will set it all up and write about it in a future post.

My original "Wrong" setup:

original setup

Inside the earlier Dinoplex model's switch:

inside switch

The earlier working model installed:

working unit

Another working unit that I will sell: