Since I went for the test-drive when I bought the car, the electric window switches haven't worked properly. The previous owner pointed it out to me and it has been a pain sometimes when pulling away from the tolls with the window refusing to shut! I pulled the switched out and had a look - as expected the workings were very dirty and the contacts a bit burnt:

window switch
It was a simple job to clean it all up, lubricate and put back together. The thing I like about these cars is the quality - you can strip small components like these switches right down to individual springs and clips. You wouldn't have a hope with more modern cars - you'd have to replace the whole unit.

window switch components
Another job that was on the list was to have keys made for the doors and boot locks (all sharing the same key). These had been lost by one of the previous owners about 8 years ago, so I had to get a barrel to a locksmith to see what he could do. I took off the steel surround strips, arm-rest (both parts), deflector handle and door latch and then removed the panel. While I was about it I cleaned and re-greased the window winder pulleys as they raised and lowered a bit slowly.

door inside stripped
I noticed the chassis number stamped in the door frame (confirming the originality of that door at least!):

chassis number on door
After removing the handle itself, I stripped it down to it's main components. Getting the barrel itself out was another matter. They are designed in such a way as they don't come out unless you have a key! As I didn't have a key I was stuck. I decided to try my hand at lock-picking, so I got a couple of small thin tools that I had handy and started poking them in at various angles to try and push the spring loaded parts to the centre to release the barrel. After a bit of mucking about and a bit of luck, it turned and came out!

door handle components
I stripped and cleaned the individual components, put it back in the right order and took it to the locksmiths who kindly measured it all up and made a couple of keys for 25 euros.

lock components
I put everything back, repairing one of the armrest mounting points as I went and now have a lockable car.

door handle installed
They must have used various different locks in producing these cars as the blank key specified in the catalogue was different to the key needed for my lock. Mine is a Silca AF 4DP:

New key